My back tells a story, namely, my affinity for strict pull-ups. There is littl…

My back tells a story, namely, my affinity for strict pull-ups.

There is little demand in the modern world for the pull-up.

This is unfortunate because a pull-up is a compound exercise that is effective at developing many of the major muscle groups throughout your back.

Overtime as you strengthen your back muscles, naturally your shoulder blades will pull back — reducing tension throughout your head and neck.

In addition to alleviating tension in the upper back that may be causing your migraines, pull-ups will improve your posture. By standing more upright; you will also take pressure off of your rib cage improving your capacity to breathe.

Turns out, when you can breathe, exercise is a far more enjoyable experience.

You’ll also strengthen your grip along the way, and would ya know — a large, four-year global study published in The Lancet journal, shows that measuring grip strength is better than measuring blood pressure for predicting death from cardiovascular mortality and all-case mortality.

A stronger grip on the bar, is a stronger grip on life!

Note: if you don’t not have the ability to do a strict pull-up, begin with bodyweight rows or by simply hanging from a tree branch or pull-up bar.

Developing your grip strength is a huge part of your journey towards a strict pull-up.

Also try jumping your chin over your pull-up bar, while focusing on lowering yourself as slowly as you possible can until your toes gently touch the ground. And repeat.

Do try this by doing 5 sets of 5 to start.

Increase the reps and time you hang on overtime. 💪🏽

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