Force USA Monster G3 Review: All-in-One Home Gym

The Force USA Monster G3 is one of four models in the Force USA Monster all-in-one gym product line. In many ways, the G3 is the most unique model in terms of features and specs compared to the others.

In this Monster G3 review, I’ll tell you all about this unit. I’ll give a broad overview of this all-in-one gym, followed by a deep dive into its main features, and end with a discussion of who should buy the G3 instead of the other models.


Feel free to jump to any section of my Monster G3 review by using the table of contents below:

What Comes with the Force USA Monster G3?

The Monster G3 is different than the rest of the Monster all-in-one gyms in that it does not come with all major attachments included standard. I’ll discuss later how this can be seen as a pro or a con.

For now, I’ll tell you which exercise stations come standard with the G3:

  1. Power rack
  2. Functional trainer
  3. Smith machine
  4. Chin up station
  5. Core trainer / Landmine station (with handle)

There are several cable accessories that come with the Monster G3 for use on the functional trainer. I’ll cover those in the later section on the functional trainer feature.

Monster G3 All-In-One - What's Included
The Monster G3 comes standard with all items shown except for the vertical leg press plate and stabilizer bar, which are sold separately. A couple of the included cable accessories are not shown in this image.

There are some optional attachments that you can buy separately to upgrade the G3 into an even more versatile machine. I’ll list and briefly discuss each below — I’ll discuss some of these attachments in greater detail, later on in my Monster G3 review:

  • Monster G3 Vertical Leg Press Attachment: This is the most valuable optional attachment you could buy, in my opinion. If your budget for attachments is limited, I would recommend putting this one at the top of the list.
  • Monster G3 Lat Pulldown Seat Attachment: The Monster G3 is the only unit with a dedicated lat pulldown seat attachment, as opposed to just a knee pad/leg holder. If you love training lats and want to do lat pulldowns, you should strongly consider this attachment. While it’s the most convenient way to do lat pulldowns on the G3, it’s not the only way. There’s a creative way to use the G3 Stabilizer Bar (discussed below) for that purpose.
  • Monster G3 Stabilizer Bar: This is an adjustable height/depth steel tube with a roller pad on the end. You position it as needed to stabilize your body in position that allow you to achieve better performance on cable exercises. A secondary use is to position it to hold your thighs down against a bench when doing lat pulldowns in the center of the rack. I rank this attachment as my #2 priority, right behind the leg press attachment.
  • Monster G3 Straight Chin Up Bars: This includes a fat bar (50mm) and a skinny a bar (32mm). Note that you can only have one installed. And you’d have to remove the multi-grip chin up bar that comes standard. Some people buy these because they have low ceilings and can’t do full range of motion with the default chin up bar without bumping their head. The other reason to get the straight chin up bars is if you just prefer a straight bar, or if you want to work on improving your grip with a fat bar.
  • MyRack G3 Band Pegs: The G3 comes standard with four band pegs. That’s enough for most people, but you can buy these if you want more. FYI, these are the same band pegs used for the Force USA MyRack Power Rack, which I own.
  • MyRack Landmine: You don’t “need” this attachment because the G3 comes standard with its own landmine station, which mounts to the front of the rack. However, this one — made for the MyRack power rack — will work on the G3. The only reason to get it would be if you wanted to install a landmine in the rear of the rack, in case you have limited space to work in front of the rack.

Force USA Monster G3 Dimensions

External Width 80″
External Depth 55″
External Height 87″
Internal Width
(Between Uprights)
Internal Width
(Smith Machine)
Internal Depth 34”
Internal Height 85″

Force USA Monster G3 Features

Space Saving Footprint

The Monster G3 all-in-one home gym and functional trainer is a space efficient solution for combining several different training stations into one.

The G3 takes up a fraction of the floor space that you’d need if you bought dedicated equipment for each of the 6 possible G3 exercise stations. This makes it an ideal solution for home gym or garage gym owners who want a lot of exercise variety but have very limited space.

At the same time, you lose the benefit of having dedicated pieces of equipment. In an ideal world, you’d be able to have a separate piece of equipment for each the exercise stations in the G3. Specialized equipment obviously has benefits over multi-purpose equipment. Of course, we don’t live in an ideal world. You have to consider floorspace and budget restrictions. The Monster G3 gives you a solution that works within these restrictions.

You still get most (though not all) of the benefits of having separate, specialized equipment. As long as you understand the trade-off, you’ll be happy with your decision.

Buying All-In-One Gym vs Buying Separate Specialized Pieces of Gym Equipment

Cost-Saving Concept

The Monster G3 won’t just save you space, it will also save you money. You will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars compared to if you purchased a dedicated piece of equipment of comparable quality for each exercise station.

Although the G3 will save you money compared to the alternative, it’s not “cheap” in absolute dollars. The Monster G3 provides great value for everything you get. However, you do need a reasonable budget set aside for this purchase. Remember that you’re buying an all-in-one home gym setup, which has a more complex design than, say, just a power rack or just a functional trainer. This translates to higher design, materials and manufacturing costs, which all add to the price you pay.

The Monster G3 nevertheless gives you A LOT of bang for your buck. It is the lowest priced model in the Force USA Monster G-Series lineup. It starts at $2199. The next least expensive model is the G9, which comes in at $3199 with everything included. Even if you buy all the major optional accessories for the G3, you still save hundreds of dollars compared to the G9’s price.

Having major attachments available for sale separately contributes to the G3’s cost-savings. This is because you can buy just the attachments you want. If everything was included standard, the base price would be higher. However, this can also be seen as a negative if you thought the $2199 price included a fully loaded unit like the rest of the G-Series models.

Most people will end up paying more than $2199 since they’ll want at least one of the optional accessories. I know the leg press attachment and stabilizer bar would be on my must-have list.

Remember — you can always buy just the base unit now and save up for the attachments later if your budget is tight. Or maybe you’re fine without any extras, in which case the base price is all you’ll ever need to pay!

Versatile Design

The Monster G3 is built for versatility. It is an all-in-one gym, after all.

As mentioned, it comes standard with 5 exercise stations. You can add a 6th station if you buy the vertical leg press plate attachment separately.

All of these stations give you access to a ton of exercise variety. From free weight to bodyweight movements, and from cable to Smith machine exercises, all your bases are covered.

All of the stations in the Monster G3 give you access to hundreds of possible exercise variations. Here’s an estimate of the number of exercises you can do on each station:

  • The power rack easily gives you access to 40+ exercise variations, assuming you also have a barbell and a flat or adjustable weight bench.
  • The functional trainer component alone allows you to do 75+ exercises.
  • You can do another 30+ exercises on the Smith machine.
  • The chin up station lets you do 9 different basic chin up variations (I’ll list these later in the Chin Up Station section).
  • The landmine station is particularly versatile. When you consider the various back/pulling exercises and many core movements, you can do 30+ exercises on it.
  • The vertical leg press station lets you do 3 very effective exercises: narrow, normal and wide leg press.

If you get creative, you can do many more variations.

Power Rack

The Monster G3 power rack (technically a “half rack”) lets you do nearly all of the barbell exercises you could do in a full-sized power rack. It has a max weight capacity rating of 992 lbs, which is strong enough for all but the most elite lifters in the world.

Monster G3 Power Rack

Of course, the top two exercises most people will want to do in the Monster G3 power rack are squats and bench press.

However, you can do so much more than just these two exercises. Here’s just a few of the many other exercises you can do in the G3 power rack:

The Monster G3 power rack comes with j-hooks so you can rack and unrack the bar. And it has safety spotter arms so you can safely dump the bar and not get pinned underneath if you fail. It has Westside hole spacing, so you can set the j-hooks and spotters in 1″ or 2″ height increments on the uprights.

Below, I’ll talk in-depth about the spotter arms, j-hooks and hole spacing.

Spotter Arms

Monster G3 Spotter Arms

The G3 has the longest safety spotter arms of all the G-Series machines. They have 17.5” inches of usable space, compared to 15” for the other models. This means you can move further away from the uprights on squats while still having the spotter arms under you in case you fail.

I’m used to squatting in a ~30” deep power rack, so this spotter arm length felt pretty comfortable right away. Whereas, the 15” spotter arms on the other models took some getting used.


The j-hooks are overall better than on the other models. They have an upper portion with protective nylon plastic to minimize scratching on the bar when racking the weight.

The j-hooks on all the other G-Series models have an unprotected upper portion. Not only are they unprotected, but they have a large bolt head sticking out.

Monster G3 J-hook vs Monster G6 J-hook
Monster G3 j-hook on left; Monster G6 j-hook on right, which is similar to the ones on the G9 and G12.

Westside Hole Spacing

The Monster G3 is the only Monster all-in-one gym model with Westside hole spacing.

Monster G3 Westside Hole Spacing

Westside hole spacing gives you as much precision as you need to adjust the j-hooks and safeties to the ideal height, particularly when benching.

The type of Westside spacing on the G3 is actually different (and better!) than the “traditional” type of Westside spacing: It has 1 inch spacing in the middle AND lower part of the rack. Whereas the traditional type has 1 inch spacing only in the middle. Having the 1 inch spacing go all the way to the bottom lets you set the safety spotters precisely for other exercises, such as floor presses and rack pulls.

When comparing the G3’s hole spacing to the other 3 models in the G-Series lineup, it gives your greater precision at any height. Even the 2 inch hole spacing in the G3’s upper portion beats out the hole spacing everywhere on the G6, G9 and G12, which all have uniform 3.75” hole spacing. Hole spacing isn’t everything. 3.75” still allows you to do all lifts safely and effectively. However, it’s a nice convenience to set the j-hooks and safeties so they’re “just right” for every lift.

The Monster G3 has 10 j-hook holes with 2 inch spacing in the upper part of the rack. It has 40 holes with 1 inch spacing in the middle and lower part of the rack. That’s a total of 50 holes.

However, it should be noted that only 49 holes are accessible. Let me explain…

…You can’t put the j-hooks in the uppermost hole on the uprights. This is because the pulley always needs to be set higher than the j-hooks. And you can’t install the j-hooks above the pulley because the pulley cable will block the hole. When the pulley is at the highest setting, it actually blocks the top hole, making it inaccessible.

Where You Can Install the J-hooks Relative to the Pulleys on the Monster G3

The good news is that there’s few if any reasons to want to use the highest j-hook hole setting. Still, if it’s there, you’d think you’d be able to put the j-hooks on them.

When the j-hooks are installed in the highest accessible hole (i.e. the 49th hole), the distance from the floor to the bottom of the barbell shaft is 66″, or 5’6″. This height should allow anyone as tall as 6’10″-6’11″ to squat without having to bend their knees too much to get under the bar. (Note that the exact max user height depends on where the user holds their bar on their back, their stance width an body proportions).

When the j-hooks or spotter arms are installed in the lowest hole on the uprights, the bar will be just 14″ above the floor. This is useful info in case you wanted to know the lowest height you could do rack pulls at.

Pulling 14″ above the floor is equivalent to doing pulls off ~6″ blocks. This is great if you want to do rack pulls from a low starting height. Since you have the Westside spacing, you can increase the spotters by one inch per setting for incrementally higher rack pulls.

Functional Trainer

Monster G3 Functional Trainer

The functional trainer is the centerpiece of the Monster G3 all-in-one home gym. It consists of two pulleys on the front uprights connected by cables to plate-loaded weight brackets. Each of the two plate-loaded brackets has two weight pegs to hold the weights. Each weight peg is 6 inches long.

Monster G3 Pulley Weight Peg Length

You can adjust each pulley up or down to any of 22 possible height settings. This is more settings than any of the other models have — The G6 has 19; the G9 and G12 have 16.

The Monster G3 functional trainer has a 2-to-1 pulley ratio. This means that you get 1 pound of resistance for every 2 pounds loaded on. So if you load 90 pounds on one of the pulleys, it will feel like 45 pounds. This is typical for many functional trainers on the market, including the G6. However, some — like the Monster G9 and G12 — have a 1-to-1 ratio, where the amount loaded on the pulley is same as the resistance you feel.

This means you just have to load on more weights if you want to lift heavier on the Monster G3 functional trainer.

The functional trainer comes standard with several cable accessories to ensure you have access to a wide variety of exercises. The accessories include:

  • Long Cambered Bar
  • Long Straight Bar
  • Short Straight Bar
  • Close Grip Row Handle
  • Nylon Stirrup Handles (2)
  • Ankle Strap
  • Triceps Rope

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