Force USA Monster G3, G6, G9 & G12: All-In-One Gym Reviews

This page is an in-depth guide to some of the best all-in-one gyms and functional trainers on the market — The Force USA Monster G-Series machines, which include the:

In this Force USA Monster G3/G6/G9/G12 review, I’ll tell you:

  • What exactly the Monster G-Series machines are
  • What makes them unique
  • Who they’re best suited for, and who they’re not for
  • The differences between the four G-Series models — and much more!

Originally, I was going to have the G3 shipped to my place so I could test and review it. However, that turned out to be impractical since I’m already low on space in my home gym.

Instead, I coordinated with Force USA to visit their Utah headquarters so I could thoroughly test out ALL four of their all-in-one gym machines in person.

I can’t wait to share my insights and tons of photo & video footage in this review! But first, I’ll give a quick summary in case you’re looking for a fast answer:

It’s a Functional Trainer… It’s a Rack… It’s the Monster G-Series!

In terms of more traditional gym equipment, the Force USA Monster G-Series would probably fall under the “functional trainer” category. The G-Series machines are all built around a functional trainer system.

However, the Monster G-Series units offer so much more than the average functional trainer. They have more features and exercise stations.

You could more accurately describe the G-Series as all-in-one gyms.

Force USA Monster G-Series - All-in-One Gym

NOTE: Throughout this article, I’ll refer to the G-Series interchangeably as functional trainers and all in-one gyms. I’ll also sometimes call them machines or racks. Because really, they’re all of these things.

What Is a Functional Trainer?

In case you don’t know what a functional trainer is, I’ll fill you in:

  • In its most basic form, a functional trainer is a single piece of equipment with two adjustable-height cable pulley columns.
  • The columns are typically between 3-5 feet apart (if they’re much further apart, it’s probably a “cable crossover” machine).
  • Resistance is added with a plate-loaded system or a selectorized weight stack system.
  • There is usually a chin up bar at the top of the machine.

Functional trainers get their name from the type of training they make possible: functional training.

Functional training, in the context of physical therapy or strength coaching, refers to resistance exercises that simulate everyday or sports-specific movements. Strength gains in these exercises transfer directly to better performance in the movements/activities being simulated.

Everyday and sports-specific movements can occur in any of the three planes of motion: sagittal, frontal, transverse. Some movements occur in two or all three planes.

Functional trainers are designed for multiplanar movement. Not only do they allow you perform movements to train each of the three planes separately, but you can do movements that combine two or more planes of motion.

Functional trainers offer more variety and efficacy when it comes to functional training, compared to fixed-path resistance machines as well as free weights.

That said, functional training is NOT the be-all and end-all of resistance training. Far from it.

Next, I’ll discuss the G-Series features that address the other aspects of resistance training.

Monster G-Series vs Other Functional Trainers

The vast majority of functional trainers on the market include just the cable tower portion and maybe a chin up bar at the top. They’re “basic” functional trainers. That is fine if that’s all you’re looking for.

However, the functional trainer market has evolved. People want more than just cable columns if they’re going to have a large piece of equipment taking up valuable space in their gym.

The Monster G-Series uses the basic functional trainer as the foundation of its design. However, the G-Series goes far beyond a pair of cable columns and a chin up bar. The G-Series combines multiple workout stations to create an all-in-one gym for strength training.

The workout stations vary slightly from model to model. However, all of the models have most if not all of the following:

  • Functional trainer
  • Half rack
  • Smith machine
  • Multi-grip chin up bar
  • Dip station
  • Landmine / Core training station
  • Leg press machine
  • Low row station
  • Suspension trainer area

You can do all of the main lifts and potentially hundreds of exercise variations with this setup. Hence, why this system is not just a functional trainer, but an all-in-one gym.

Force USA Monster G-Series Features & Specs: G3 vs G6 vs G9 vs G12

The four Monster G-Series models share the same basic design and function. But there are some MAJOR differences between them. The easiest way to show you their similarities is with comparison tables. I’ll include three comparison tables below:

  • One for the features
  • One for the technical specs
  • One for the included cable accessories

Features Comparison

NOTE: If you’re on mobile, you may need to scroll the table to right to see all the data:

Feature G3 G6 G9 G12
Functional Trainer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Functional Trainer Type Plate-loaded Selectorized Weight Stack Plate-loaded Selectorized Weight Stack
Smith Machine Yes (not counterbalanced) Yes (not counterbalanced) Yes (counterbalanced) Yes (counterbalanced)
Dip Station No* Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Straight Chin Up Bars Optional (Skinny / Fat) No No No
Landmine/Core Trainer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Leg Press Optional Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Low Row Station No** No** Yes No**
Suspension Trainer Ring No Yes Yes Yes
Stability Bar/Pad Optional No No No
Band Peg Holes Yes Yes No No
Weight Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Barbell Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accessory Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bolt-down Capability Yes Yes No No
Color Options No No Yes Yes
Use / Warranty Home Home Commercial Commercial

* A dip handle for the G3 is in the works and will be available soon as an optional accessory.
** Does not have a dedicated low row station with a built-in foot plate. However, low rows are possible using the pulley column at a low height setting.

Technical Specs Comparison

NOTE: If you’re on mobile, you may need to scroll the table to right to see all the data:

Spec G3 G6 G9 G12
Height (external) 87” 91” 90” 90”
Width (external) 80″ 72” 79” 79”
Depth (external) 55” 63” 53” 49”
Height (internal) 85” 85″ 89” 89″
Width (internal, between uprights) 44” 41” 48” 48”
Width (internal, Smith machine area) 43” 36″ 43” 43″
Depth (internal) 34” 34” 34” 34″
Upright Tube Size 2” x 2″ 2” x 2″ 2” x 2” 2” x 2”
Rack Weight Rating 992 lbs 992 lbs 992 lbs 992 lbs
Smith Machine Weight Rating 771 lbs 771 lbs 771 lbs 771 lbs
Chin Up Station Weight Rating 771 lbs 771 lbs 771 lbs 771 lbs
Cable Tensile Strength 2000 lbs 2000 lbs 2000 lbs 2000 lbs
Pulley Weight Ratio 2:1 2:1 1:1 1:1
Weight Stacks Plate-loaded 2 x 221 lbs Plate-loaded 2 x 201 lbs
Hole Spacing Westside (1”, 2”) 3.75” 3.75” 3.75”
J-Hook/Safety Spotter Holes * 50 16 16 16
Pulley Height Settings 22 19 16 16
Unit Weight 340 lbs 940 lbs 540 lbs 950 lbs
Price $2,199.99 $3,999.99 $3,199.99 $4,999.99

* On the G3/G9/G12, the cable will get in the way of the j-hook or safety spotter unless the pulley is above it. When the pulley is at the highest setting, it blocks the top hole on the G3, and the top 2 holes on the G9/G12. ALL holes are accessible on the G6 because the pulley can be above or below the j-hook or safety.

Included Accessories Comparison

NOTE: I’ve modified the names of the some of the cable accessories from what’s on their product pages or in their manuals. This is because I felt some of the names were unclear. In case you’re comparing my Monster G-Series review to Force USA’s literature, I’ve made notations below to point out any significant changes I made.

NOTE #2: If you’re on mobile, you may need to scroll the table to right to see all the data:

Accessory G3 G6 G9 G12
J-Hooks Yes Yes Yes Yes
Safety Spotter Arms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Metal Stirrup Handles 1 No Yes (2) No No
Nylon Stirrup Handles 2 Yes (2) No Yes (2) Yes (2)
Cable Crunch Attachment 3 No Yes No No
Ankle Strap Yes No No No
Long Straight Bar 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Triceps Rope 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Triceps V-Bar Handle 6 No Yes No No
Long Cambered Bar 7 Yes No No No
Close Grip Row Handle 8 Yes Yes No No
Short Straight Bar 9 Yes Yes No No
Short Angled Bar 10 No No Yes No
Sports Handle 11 No Yes No No
Lat Pulldown Bar 12 No Yes Yes Yes
Lat Pulldown Knee Pad No Yes Yes Yes
Lat Pulldown Seat Optional No No No
Landmine/Core Trainer Yes Yes Yes Yes
T-Bar Row Handle for Landmine Yes Yes Yes Yes
Band Pegs Yes (4) Yes (4) No No
Exercise Chart No Yes Yes Yes
Oly-Lock Collar No Yes (2) Yes (2) Yes (2)
Spring Collar (25mm) Yes (12) No No No
Spring Collar (50mm) Yes (12) Yes (6) Yes (6) Yes (6)
15-link Chain Yes No Yes No
Extension Chain (Pair) No Yes No Yes

1 referred to as “Handle” in the G6 manual
2 referred to as “Nylon Strap Iso-Handle” in the G3 manual, and “Hand Belt” in the G9/G12 manuals
3 referred to as “Abdominal Belt” in the G6 manual
4 referred to as “function training bar” in the G6 manual; called “Ship Rod” in the G9/G12 manuals
5 referred to as “Rope” in the G3 manual
6 referred to as “V-Type Handle” in the G6 manual
7 referred to as “Cambered Bar” in the G3 manual
8 referred to as “V-Type Handle” in the G3 manual
9 referred to as “Shiver Bar” in the G6 manual, and “Small Grip Frame” in the G3 manual
10 referred to as “Short Bar” in the G9 manual
11 referred to as “Function Training Bar” in the G6 manual
12 referred to as “Long Bar” in the G9 and G12 manuals

Who Should/Shouldn’t Buy the Monster G-Series?

The Monster G-Series was designed for specific use cases. It’s an excellent choice for some people. But it’s definitely not right for others.

Here’s who should consider the Monster G-Series:

  • People with limited floor space for gym equipment who don’t want to sacrifice on versatility and exercise selection.
  • People who want access to multiple exercise stations, but don’t want to pay the higher price that several separate pieces of specialized equipment would cost.
  • Anyone buying gym equipment that will be used by family members who have diverse training styles and goals. Let’s take the example of a husband and wife who both do resistance training. It’s very common that the husband will want to do a lot free weight movements. Whereas, the wife will prefer doing a lot of Smith machine work. And they’ll both likely do a lot of functional trainer movements.
  • Personal training studios that take on a range of clients with different goals, ages and training capabilities.
  • Physical therapy practices that need a versatile resistance training solution to help rehabilitate clients recovering from injury or suffering from muscular imbalances.
  • Anyone seeking versatile gym equipment for fire stations, police stations or military bases. The G-Series machines provide more than enough versatility to handle the diverse resistance training needs of a small team or group of individuals. The G-Series (especially the commercial G9 and G12 models) are also cabable of standing up to the rigorous use that such a group of physically active users would put it through.
  • Small local fitness center or recreation centers that don’t have a ton of space for resistance training equipment. They may have a lot of cardio equipment, a large pool, or other amenities. But they’re lacking on strength and resistance equipment, and need a space efficient solution.
  • Anyone looking for a complete training solution in a corporate gym, hotel gym or similar setting.

Here’s who the Monster G-Series machines were not designed for:

  • Serious powerlifters or other strength athletes who need a full-sized power rack as the centerpiece of their gym.
  • Anyone who plans on building out their home gym meticulously, piece by piece, with several different machines.
  • Any high traffic, big box commercial gym. These places have enough space and budget for many different specialized pieces of equipment. They have no need for an all-in-one gym solution.

Monster G-Series Review: Pros & Cons

In this section, I’ll discuss the pros and cons that apply ALL models. Later in this article, I’ll review each of the G-Series model with pros and cons that are specific to each model.

Since there are several pros and cons that apply all of the units, this broad G-Series review section will allow me to avoid repeating myself in the individual G3, G6, G9 and G12 reviews.

Monster G-Series Pros

Space Saving

The G-Series racks are compact all-in-one gyms with between 5 to 9 exercise stations plus weight storage — all in about the same footprint as a full sized power rack!

This is perfect if you have a limited training space but don’t want to compromise on exercise variety. 

Save Space with the Force USA Monster G-Series

Money saving

None of the G-Series racks are cheap. But they all deliver A LOT of value for the money.

Part of the reason you’re buying an all-in-one gym is so you don’t have to buy several different pieces of equipment separately. That’s where major savings come. If you got bought all of the different exercise stations in the any of the G-Series racks, you’d spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars more.


The functional trainer portion of the G-Series give you access to over 75 exercise variations. When you add in the exercises made possible by the half rack, Smith machine, landmine/core trainer, chin up bar, leg press and other stations, you can do hundreds of exercises.

It’s hard to get more versatile than that from a one machine.

Accessory Storage

All G-Series racks have an accessory storage area. It looks different on every rack, but they all have plenty of hooks to hang the cable accessories that come with the rack.

Force USA Monster G6 Accessory Storage

You can store multiple items per hook. So there’s room for the included accessories PLUS other accessories you may already have, like resistance bands, a lifting belt, lifting straps or anything else you can hang on a hook.

Weight Plate Storage

There’s no need to buy a separate weight plate tree to store all your weights. There are 6 weight storage pegs on all of the G-Series models, which can hold several hundred pounds of plates.

This weight storage solution is convenient, since the storage pegs are on either side of the rack and a short distance from the smith machine, barbell or plate-loaded pulley bracket. Plus, you make the entire unit more secure when you load hundreds of pounds of weight to the frame. A nice side benefit!

All weight plate storage holders can hold either Olympic plates or standard plates. For standard plates to fit, you simply have to remove the grub screw and take off the Olympic sheath. This will reveal a skinnier peg that will fit standard plates.

Most people probably don’t need to store standard plates, but some will appreciate it. For example, it’s common for many home gym owners to have spin-lock dumbbells that use standard plates. These people can use one or two of the pegs to store these plates.

Barbell Storage

The barbell storage feature on all G-Series racks includes a spot for one Olympic barbell and one standard barbell. You store the bars vertically by inserting one end into a sleeve near the base of the rack.

Barbell Storage on Force USA G-Series

Note that you’ll need extra ceiling clearance in order to store an Olympic bar because the bar will be higher than the max unit height when stored. Plus, you need a few extra inches to slide it in and out of the sleeve.

The minimum ceiling height you need to store a full length Olympic barbell varies by model: 8’2″ for the G3, 7’8″ for the G6, and 7’11” for the G9 and G12.

It’s not a big deal if you don’t have enough ceiling space to accommodate the bar — I have the same type of vertical bar storage on my MyRack power rack, and I don’t use it even though my ceiling is tall enough. I either keep my main barbell in the rack or store it horizontally on my wall-mounted 8-bar gunrack bar holder.

Laser Engraved Numbering

All racks have laser engraved numbering on the side of the uprights for the pulley height settings.

Laser Engraved Numbering on Force USA G-Series

This makes it easy to remember which height setting you use for different exercises.

Although these numbers are for the pulley settings, they’re also useful markers for remembering which j-hook and safety heights you use for free weight barbell exercises — despite the numbers not matching up perfectly with each j-hook hole.

Monster G-Series Cons

An All-In-One Gym Is Not Specialized Equipment

You lose out on the benefits that come from having a dedicated piece of equipment for each exercise station when everything is combined into an all-in-one gym machine. For example:

  1. You’d be able walk out a squat further if you had a full sized power rack vs the half rack on the G-Series machines.
  2. You could get into position easier and have more foot placement options if you bought a dedicated 45 degree leg press machine compared to using the vertical leg press attachment on the G-Series units.

This is a given when you get any type of all-in-one tool. You make some small sacrifices on features for the benefit space savings, budget, versatility and convenience.

Not a Cheap Purchase

Although you save a lot of money buying a G-Series machine instead of several dedicated pieces of equipment, the price is not cheap in absolute terms.

The least expensive unit (G3) starts at $2199 and the most expensive unit (G12) goes for $4999. Of course, if you’re in the market for a quality all-in-one gym and functional trainer, you probably already knew it wasn’t going to be a small purchase.

On the bright side, my Force USA discount code KING5 will take 5% off you order.

No Model Has ALL the Best Features

There is no single unit with ALL of the best features, in my opinion. This is just my personal preferences showing here. But I found myself wishing that I could take one feature from one of the units and add it to another unit to make it “perfect” in my eyes.

For example, my ideal “Frankenstein” G-Series rack would be the G6 combined with dedicated low-row station of G9 combined with the Westside hole spacing of the G3, plus the added width of the G9 and G12.

Of course, I’m sure that would be easier said than done in terms of engineering. And it would make for a more expensive machine. But this is the “cons” section so I’m allowed to nit-pick!

Force USA Monster G3 Review

Force USA Monster G3 Review

The Force USA Monster G3 is a 5-in-1 machine, with the ability to upgrade to a 6-in-1 machine.

Monster G3 Exercise Stations

  1. Half rack
  2. Functional trainer
  3. Smith machine
  4. Chin up station
  5. Core trainer / Landmine station
  6. Vertical leg press (optional / sold separately)

Monster G3 External Dimensions

  • 80” Width
  • 55” Depth
  • 87” Height

Monster G3 Internal Dimensions

  • 44” Width Between the Uprights
  • 43” Width in the Smith Machine Area
  • 34” Depth
  • 85” Height

Monster G3 Functional Trainer Accessories

  • Long Cambered Bar
  • Long Straight Bar
  • Short Straight Bar
  • Close Grip Row Handle
  • Nylon Stirrup Handles (2)
  • Ankle Strap
  • Triceps Rope

Optional Monster G3 Accessories

The Monster G3 is the only G-Series machine with optional accessories available for purchase separately. I’ve listed them all below:

Monster G3 Pros

Westside hole spacing

Westside hole spacing gives you hyper-precise 1″ hole spacing in the bench region and 2″ hole hole spacing in the squat region of the half rack.

Westside Hole Spacing on Monster G3

Powerlifters usually care about this feature most, since having the perfect j-hook height for bench and squat can make the difference between hitting or missing a new personal record. All other G-Series models have a uniform 3.75″ hole spacing.

Band peg holes

Another reason why the G3 is perfect for powerlifting-focused trainees is its band peg holes.

Monster G3 Band Peg Holes

They allow you to do all types of band-resisted exercises — with the barbell or Smith machine — such as band squats, band bench, band deadlifts, and even band-resisted pull ups. You can even add band tension to the pulleys — However, you need be careful to balance the tension evenly on the left and right side of the weight bracket for the pulley motion to remain smooth.

Better j-hooks

I personally like the j-hooks on the G3 better than the ones on the G6, G9 and G12.

Monster G3 J-hook

There is a protective lining on the back surface. It will protect your bar better if you rack it against the rear surface.

Lowest price

The G3 is the least expensive G-Series model by hundreds of dollars. This is even the case if you buy all the major optional accessories.

Buy only the attachments you want

The G3 is the only model where you can pick and choose the which major attachments you want to buy, since they’re sold separately. This will save you money if you don’t want everything, compared to if everything was included by default.

Pulley cables extend far

You can extend both pulley cables a full 12.1 ft, or 145″, in front of the rack. This lets you do some unique exercises such as walking cable lunges, cable sled pulls and many others. You only get 60″ out of the G6, 51.5″ out of the G9 (or 103″ if using a single cable), and 53″ out of the G12.

Stabilizer bar

The G3 is the only G-Series model with a stabilizer bar for the functional trainer.

Monster G3 Stabilizer Bar for Functional Trainer

This attachment is great for stabilizing your body in the perfect position for different cable exercises. You can focus on the target muscles instead of your stabilizer muscles. It can also hold your legs in place for lat pulldowns if doing them in the center of the rack.

Knurled chin up bar


The G3 has the only chin up bar with knurling on it. I like this feature because it makes gripping onto the bar just a little bit easier.

Spotter arm length

The safety spotter arms on the G3 are longer than the ones on all the G-Series machines. They’re 17.5″ vs 15″ for all others. These extra few inches let you step a bit further away from the uprights when walking out your squat.


The Monster G3 can be bolted down for additional stability, though it is not necessarily required.

Most people will find their rack is very secure without bolting it to the floor, especially if they have a lots of plates on the weight storage pegs.

Still, having the option to bolt it is nice if you want to ensure it never shifts on the floor. If you plan to use the band pegs for heavy band squats or deadlifts, bolting it down will ensure the rack won’t budge.

Monster G3 Cons

The top j-hook hole is inaccessible

The pulley must be set higher than the j-hooks. When the pulleys are in the highest possible position, the uppermost hole is blocked. Luckily, you can still set the j-hooks very high — the barbell will be 66″ (5’6″) above the floor when the j-hooks are at the highest possible spot. This means almost anyone will be able to squat comfortably, unless they’re over 6’10”-6’11”. Still, it’d be better if the top hole was available.

No dip bar attachment…yet

Currently, there is no dip attachment available. However, one is in the works. Once available, it will be sold separately.

No suspension trainer ring

The G3 is the only G-Series model without a suspension trainer ring. However, you could attach a suspension trainer to the multi-grip chin up bar attachment as a workaround.

No low row attachment

There is no attachment that’s designed specifically for use on low rows. However, you can improvise with band pegs and/or you can use the long bar attachment and put your feet on the rack, as shown below:

Who Is the Monster G3 Best for?

The Force USA Monster G3 is for anyone in the market for an all-in-one gym who places a strong emphasis on strength or powerlifting style training. The main features that make it ideal for this type of lifter is the Westside hole spacing and the band pegs.

It’s not just powerlifters who will prefer this model. The Monster G3 is also a great fit for any type of fitness enthusiast seeking a budget friendly all-in-one home gym solution. The G3 is the most affordable G-Series model by hundreds of dollars.

The Monster G3 if also a great model to consider for very tall lifters (as is the Monster G6). The G3 has an internal height of 85″, which allows anyone under 7’1″ to work inside. As for doing squats in the G3 half rack, you can set the barbell as high as 66″ (5’6″) above the floor when the j-hooks are in the highest accessible setting. That’s high enough for lifters up to 6’10”-6’11” to squat without issue. In comparison, the G9 and G12 half racks are only practical for squatting with lifters 6’5″ and under.

To learn more about this model, be sure to read my in-depth Force USA Monster G3 review.

Force USA Monster G6 Review

At the highest level, the Force USA Monster G6 is an 8-in-1 machine:

Monster G6 Exercise Stations

  1. Half rack
  2. Functional trainer
  3. Smith machine
  4. Vertical leg press
  5. Chin up station
  6. Dip station
  7. Core trainer / Landmine station
  8. Suspension trainer

Monster G6 External Dimensions

  • 72” Width
  • 63” Depth
  • 91” Height

Monster G6 Internal Dimensions

  • 41” Width Between the Uprights
  • 36” Width in the Smith Machine Area (Usable Space Between the Metal Pegs)
  • 34” Depth (incorrectly listed as 37″ on the product page)
  • 85” Height

Monster G6 Functional Trainer Accessories

  • Cable Crunch Attachment
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Metal Stirrup Handles (2)
  • Triceps Rope
  • Triceps V-Bar Handle
  • Short Straight Bar
  • Sports Handle
  • Close Grip Row Handle

Monster G6 Pros

Vertical leg press

The G6 comes standard with a vertical leg press attachment. This is an upgraded version of the attachment that you have to purchase separately for the G3. It is easier to install and feels a little more stable.

Accessory storage

The G6 has the coolest accessory storage feature. It includes a swivel board with storage hooks on one side and an exercise chart on the other side. You can flip it around whichever way you want.

Monster G6 Storage Area

There is enough storage hooks to hold all the included cable accessories, plus several other accessories that you may have in your gym.

Selectorized weight stack

The G6 has selectorized weight stacks. You can change the weight much faster than a plate-loaded system. This is perfect for doing drop sets, supersets, circuit training or training with a partner.

Band peg holes

The band peg holes on the base of the Monster G6 allow you to do band-resisted movements, such as band squats, band bench and band deadlifts. You can also use it to add tension to bodyweight movements like dips and pull ups.

One of the coolest features is that you can use band pegs to wrap a band over the weight stack:

Adding Band Resistance to the Selectorized Weight Stack on the Monster G6

This lets you increase the max capacity of the stack by adding band tension. This is particularly handy because each 220 lb weight stack maxes out at 110.5 lbs or resistance (because of the 2-to-1 pulley ratio). Adding bands allows you to continually progress on heavier cable exercises like lat pulldowns and cable rows.

Better than the old G6 model

The new G6 has better smith machine sleeves, a better dip attachment that now comes standard, a better leg press attachment that also comes standard, an improved weight storage solution and a better accessory storage area.

Better pulley position

The pulleys are just to the inside of the uprights. This is unique to the G6 vs all other G-Series models. What’s great about this position is the cable is NEVER in the way of the attachments. Importantly, the pulleys can be set above OR below the j-hooks and safety spotters.

Monster G6 Has a Better Pulley Postion - Pulley Can Go Below J-hooks

This means the uppermost j-hook holes are accessible, unlike on the other models. As such, even super tall lifters can squat without having to bend their knees too much to unrack.

Easy pulley adjustment

The G6’s pulley adjustment mechanism is a step up from the G3. It allows you to easily adjust the pulley height up or down with just one hand.


The Monster G6, like the G3, gives you the option to bolt it to the floor for additional security.

Monster G6 Bolt-down Option

This is unnecessary for most people, since the G6 is very heavy. It always has 440 lbs of selectorized plates in the back; plus the weight of the frame and all components; plus any weight plates you have stored on it.

That being said, bolting down will prevent even the slightest shifting from happening over time. It also guarantees the unit will remain stable even if you’re using the band pegs for band deadlifts or band squats using super high tension bands.

Monster G6 Cons

Spotter arm length

The G6 spotter arms have 15” of usable length. While this is sufficient for keeping you safe on squats, it would been a bonus if they were 2-3”+ longer. I say this because I’m used when squatting in a full sized power rack and usually take a big step back. I could pretty easily get used to a shorter walkout, so this isn’t a big negative.

Narrowest model

The G6 is the narrowest G-Series model. It has 41″ of width between the uprights in the half rack and 36″ in the Smith machine area. Luckily, this is enough area to do almost all exercises you’d need to. Even with a super wide grip, you shouldn’t have any issues with barbell bench press in the half rack area, which is most important for me. The only issues that may occur would be with an extra wide bench press grip in the Smith area, or if you were to do a very niche exercise like snatch grip rack pulls in the half rack area.

Missing a couple features from the old G6 model

The previous version of the G6 had a couple cool features that I personally wish they would have kept in the new G6: knurling on the chin up bar and Westside hole spacing. That said, the new G6 is overall a big improvement on the old version.

Who Is the Monster G6 Best for?

The Force USA Monster G6 is the best choice for a few different groups of people.

Most notably, the Monster G6 is best for lifters with a more bodybuilding-focused training style. Here’s why:

  • Bodybuilders will appreciate the band pegs because their training involves a lot of strength-focused work. Band pegs allow them do any band resisted barbell exercise (band squat/bench/deadlift), which are traditionally seen as powerlifting style training, but can be very effective tools for building muscle. Moreover, they also allow bodybuilders to do do more targeted muscle building exercises with band tension, such as band-resisted dips and pull ups.
  • They will LOVE having a selectorized weight stack instead of a plate-loaded system. This is because it lets you rapidly change the resistance on the cable pulleys. You just change the pin position higher or lower to select a lighter or heavier weight. There are many situations were changing the weight rapidly is essential for effective bodybuilding training. For example, bodybuilders commonly integrate drop sets. This involves performing one set, reducing the weight as fast as possible, then immediately performing another set. It’s a great technique for maximizing muscular fatigue (and getting a sick pump!). Then there’s supersets, which involve performing a set of an exercise for one muscle group (e.g. biceps curls), followed by another exercise that targets the opposing muscle group (e.g. triceps extensions). This helps pack in more training volume in less time. Lastly, rest between sets is usually much shorter with bodybuilding style training compared to powerlifting style training for normal work sets (e.g. 1-2 min vs 3-5 min). Saving time with faster weight changes on cable exercises means you’ll always be ready for your next set on time. Plus, you’ll have more time to actually rest before your next set.

Tall lifters are another group who should strongly consider the Monster G6. It and the G3 are the best choices for tall lifters. First off, its internal height is 85″ (as is the G3’s). This is more than the G9/G12 by a full 6″. So even 7’0″ tall guys will have enough head space if doing standing work inside the G6.

The G6 also provides the highest max height for the j-hooks because all 16 of the j-hook holes are accessible (unlike the other models where the uppermost holes are blocked by the pulleys).

This matters for any tall guys who want to squat in the half rack area. The max height you can set the bar on the j-hooks is 69″ from floor to bottom of the barbell. This translates to anyone up to 7’2″ tall being able to squat from a comfortable height. So basically anyone but NBA centers will be able squat without having to start from a quarter/half squat position.

In my opinion, the Monster G6 is my pick for best overall G-Series model. It has the best mix of high-value features.

To learn more about this model, be sure to read my in-depth Force USA Monster G6 review.

Force USA Monster G9 Review

The Force USA Monster G9 is a 9-in-1 all-in-one gym. Here’s the details:

Monster G9 Exercise Stations

  1. Half rack
  2. Functional trainer
  3. Smith machine
  4. Vertical leg press
  5. Low row station
  6. Chin up station
  7. Dip station
  8. Core trainer / Landmine station
  9. Suspension trainer

Monster G9 External Dimensions

  • 79” Width
  • 53” Depth
  • 90” Height

Monster G9 Internal Dimensions

  • 48” Width Between the Uprights
  • 43” Width in the Smith Machine Area (Usable Space Between the Metal Pegs)
  • 34” Depth
  • 79” Height

Monster G9 Functional Trainer Accessories

  • Short Angled Bar
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Nylon Stirrup Handles
  • Long Straight Bar
  • Triceps Rope

Monster G9 Pros

Vertical leg press

The Monster G9 comes standard with a vertical leg press attachment. This is an upgrade compared to the G9’s residential-use counterpart, the G3, which has a leg press attachment sold separately. The G9’s leg press attachment easier to install and a feels a bit more stable.

1-to-1 pulley ratio

You get one pound of resistance for every pound you load on the G9’s pulley weight bracket. Compare this to the 2-to-1 pulley ratio on the G3, which gives a half a pound of resistance for every pound loaded on. This means you can load more total weight on the G9 pulley, faster.

Dedicated low row station

The Monster G9 is the only G-Series model with a dedicated low row station inside the machine. It has a built-in steel foot pate that will keep you in a strong and stable position while rowing. If you love back training, this feature may make the G9 your best choice.

Commercial warranty

The G9 has a more robust design than the G3 and G6. It is built to withstand wear and tear in commercial settings. It’s perfect for small fitness centers and rec centers, as well as small gyms in fire departments, police departments and military bases. It’s great for your home, too, if you want a beefier machine.

Counterbalanced smith machine

The G9’s counterbalanced Smith machine gives the empty Smith bar a starting weight of 0 lbs. Non-counterbalanced Smith machines, like on the G3 and G6, have a starting weight of 45 lbs. This makes the G9 great for completely novice trainees who may not be strong enough to handle the 45 lb bar on some lifts.

Easy to Use Pulley Adjustment

The pulley adjustment mechanism is upgraded compared to the G3. You can easily move it up or down with one hand instead of two.

Color options

The Monster G9 comes in gray by default. However, you have the ability to add a splash of color — blue or red — which can brighten up your gym area.

Monster G9 Cons

Spotter arm length

This may be my personal preference, but I would’ve liked the spotter arms to be a couple inches longer. Since I usually train in a full-sized power rack, I’m used to taking a big step back when I walkout my squats. With these shorter spotter arms, I had to stay closer to the rack. That said, this is a pretty easy thing to get used to.

Uppermost 2 j-hook holes are inaccessible

The G9 design requires the pulleys to be above the j-hooks. When the pulleys are at their highest position, they block the top two holes. The highest you can set the barbell above the floor is 60″ (5ft). Tall guys (i.e. over 6’5″) will have bend their knees more than they’ll want to when setting up for squats.

No Westside hole spacing

Powerlifters may be disappointed that the G9 has 3.75″ hole spacing instead of super precise Westside spacing (1″, 2″). Luckily, most other types of lifters won’t mind at all. If Westside spacing is a requirement for you, check out the G3.

No band peg holes

The lack of band peg holes on the G9 might also disappoint you if you’re seriously into powerlifting style training. But if you’re not into that type of training, you probably don’t care about doing band squats, band bench or other banded training. If you need to have band pegs, check out the G3 and G6.

Who Is the Monster G9 Best for?

It’s easy to overlook the Force USA Monster G9 because it doesn’t instant draw the a selectorized weight stack, yet it’s also not the least expensive model. BUT I consider it the best value model considering its price relative to its build quality and features.

The Monster G9 is great fit for the following types of people or applications:

  • Home gym lifters who are serious about strength training, but don’t need special features like Westside hole spacing, band pegs or a selectorized weight stack. The G9’s plate-loaded system saves you ~$900-1900 compared to the G6 and G12 selectorized weight stack systems. And even though it doesn’t have “powerlifting features” like band pegs or Westside hole spacing, it does give you a commercial quality machine with premium features for serious strength training (e.g. extra wide uprights, 1:1 weight ratio, low row station, counterbalanced Smith machine).
  • Gyms in fire stations, police departments and military bases because it’s a robust machine with commercial warranty. It’s the perfect for firefighters, police officers and soldiers, since strength training helps them perform their jobs better. These places often have limited budgets. So it will be a lot easier to justify the $3199 price than the $4999 price for the G12, which is the only other commercial option. Lastly, the red or blue premium colors are perfect for any fire/police/military gym in the USA!
  • Hotel gyms, corporate gyms, small rec centers or fitness centers with limited space for strength equipment. These places often have most of their space taken up by cardio equipment or other amenities, so the G9 provides an all-in-one strength training solution.
  • Anyone who puts a major emphasis on back training. The dedicated low row station will make it worthwhile for these lifters.

To learn more about this model, be sure to read my in-depth Force USA Monster G9 review.

Force USA Monster G12 Review

Force USA Monster G12 Review

The Force USA Monster G12 is an 8-in-1 all-in-one gym. Here’s an overview:

Monster G12 Exercise Stations

  1. Half rack
  2. Functional trainer
  3. Smith machine
  4. Vertical leg press
  5. Chin up station
  6. Dip station
  7. Core trainer / Landmine station
  8. Suspension trainer

Monster G12 External Dimensions

  • 79” Width
  • 49” Depth
  • 90” Height

Monster G12 Internal Dimensions

  • 48” Width Between the Uprights
  • 43” Width in the Smith Machine Area (Usable Space Between the Metal Pegs)
  • 34” Depth
  • 79” Height

Monster G12 Functional Trainer Accessories

  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Nylon Stirrup Handles
  • Long Straight Bar
  • Triceps Rope

Monster G12 Pros

Vertical leg press

Unlike the G3, the Monster G12 comes standard with the leg press attachment. It uses an upgraded pop-pin design and has a bit more stability to it.

Selectorized weight stacks

Monster G12 Selectorized Weight Stacks

Changing the weight on the functional trainer is fast and easy with the G12. You just move the selector pin up or down in the weight stack to decrease or increase the weight.

1-to-1 pulley ratio

If you select 100 lbs on the weight stack, the resistance will be 100 lbs. Compare this to the G6’s 2-to-1 pulley ratio where you’ll get just 50 lbs of resistance when you select 100 lbs.

Commercial warranty

The G12 is designed for more rigorous use. This makes it ideal for use in commercial settings, such as personal trainer studios, physical therapy practices, hotels and corporate gyms, among other places.

Counterbalanced Smith machine

This gives the empty Smith bar a starting weight of zero pounds. This is perfect for untrained individuals who might be too weak for the 45 lb starting weight on the non-counterbalanced Smith machines found on the G3 and G6.

One hand pulley adjustment

The pulley design is upgraded compared to the G3. It’s easier to adjust the pulley up or down with one hand instead of both.

Color options

You can upgrade the accent color of the G12 from gray to either blue or red. This is a nice way to add a bit of your personality to your gym.

Monster G12 Cons

Spotter arm length

Ideally, I’d like for the spotter arms to be a few inches longer so I could step further back when doing squats. However, this is something you can get used to.

Top 2 j-hook holes are inaccessible

The pulley design requires that the pulley always be above the j-hooks. When the pulley is in the highest position, it blocks the uppermost two holes. This makes it so the highest you can set the bar for squats is 60″ (5ft). Taller guys — especially over 6’5″ — will have bend their knees more to get under the bar for squats.

No Westside hole spacing

If you’re a serious powerlifter, having uniform 3.75″ hole spacing instead of Westside hole spacing (1″, 2″) may be a little disappointing. In which case you should look at the G3. If you’re any other type of lifter, the G12’s hole spacing will be fine.

No band peg holes

There are no band peg holes, which means you can’t do any band resisted exercises like band squats or band bench. However, this is a niche feature that mostly powerlifter types really care about. If band work is a must, look at the G3 or G6.

Who Is the Monster G12 Best for?

There are several different applications where the Force USA Monster G12 is a great choice:

  • Physical therapy practices and personal training studios: First off, it’s a commercial-warrantied model with a beefier frame that can handle training many clients every day. It also has selectorized weight stacks, which is almost a requirement for physical therapists and personal trainers because the near-instant weight change feature lets you save valuable time when your sessions have a hard time limit. Finally, the counterbalanced Smith machine weighs zero pounds when empty so you can use very light weight for your beginner, elderly or injured clients.
  • Home gym owners who want the highest-end setup for general fitness, bodybuilding-style training or serious strength training (but not necessarily serious “powerlifting”): The main feature that makes this the highest-end model is its heavy selectorized weight stack system. This makes every workout more efficient and convenient for any type of lifter because weight changes take less than 2 seconds! The selectorized weights are particularly helpful for bodybuilders because they make drop sets, supersets and giant sets incredibly easy compared to plate-loaded systems. The 1:1 pulley ratio makes the G12 ideal for serious strength trainees because it ensures they have no shortage of resistance on functional trainer movements. Whereas, the only other selectorized system is the G6. It has a 2:1 ratio, which makes it easier to outgrow its max resistance (to be fair, you could add band resistance on the G6 weight stacks). While the G12 is excellent for serious general strength training, it may not be ideal for powerlifters if they care about having band peg holes or Westside hole spacing. The G12 can still be the right choice for powerlifters if those aren’t prerequisites.
  • Hotel gyms and office gyms: Most hotel and office gyms are in smaller rooms with little in the way of serious strength equipment. The G12 is ideal for this niche market because it provides the full spectrum of weight training equipment in a single unit that will fit in just about any space. The gym users will be pleasantly surprised to see this type of equipment because they’ll actually be able to do a serious weight training workout — If you’ve been to many office or hotel gyms, you know how woefully under-equipped they are for people who do weight training even semi-seriously. Compared to the commercial G9, the G12 keeps the gym less cluttered because visitors don’t have to use free weights on the pulley system. A cleaner gym is a big benefit for office and hotel gyms, which are rarely staffed.
  • Firefighter/police/military gyms: The people in these gyms are typically strong to begin with. The G12, with its reinforced frame and commercial warranty, can handle them. The G12 is all about strength training, which is perfect because strength training is a primary focus for most fire/police/military trainees. Some fire stations, police departments and military bases have large gyms with room for lots of equipment. But many more have limited space (and budgets) — In these cases, the G12 is perfect because it delivers A LOT of exercise variety per dollar and per square foot. Lastly, the G12 has the best color options for firefighters (red), police (blue) and US soldiers (red OR blue)!
  • Small rec centers and fitness centers: Oftentimes, the already limited space in community rec/fitness centers is taken up by cardio equipment and other amenities. In order to retain or grow their member base, these small facilities need to meet the growing demand for serious weight training equipment. The G12 delivers these capabilities while fitting into their existing layout. These gyms don’t get super busy, which is why an all-in-one like the G12 works so well for them. Rarely will you have multiple people waiting to use it. But when it does happen, having the independent weight stacks is convenient because it lets two people do cable work at the same time — something the commercial G9 cannot do.

To learn more about this model, be sure to read my in-depth Force USA Monster G12 review.

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