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Private Training

For the last ten years MUSCLE UNDER has been renowned for its private training. All personal training workouts are custom designed for each individual’s needs and goals.

MUSCLE UNDER is more than just a fitness gym. It’s a personal training experience of working out in a private fitness facility unlike that of most gyms.

With a truly Australian flavor, MUSCLE UNDER maintains the highest quality of professional personal training in a relaxed, casual atmosphere conducive to the way most active people like to work out.

Never crowded, always clean, and the expertise of our certified personal trainers make MUSCLE UNDER the best private personal training gym in the greater Los Angeles Area.

From $85.00* to $125.00 an hour

Must be paid 5 sessions in advance,
24 hour cancellation policy
or you will be charged for the missed session.

*Prices subject to change

No crowds - no memberships -
no hassles - no worries